Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have met and become good friends with some people in the fashion biz (from designers, models and photographers) and I would like to thank them for such a wonderful 2011 full of glamour and glitz.

Uly, you have been one of the designers that really thinks out of the box in every design you make. 2011 saw great things for you and I know greater things are in store in 2012. Thanks for constantly keeping in touch. You're the best!

Nomer, you are indeed one of the funniest persons I have met and your smile is really infectious. Stay as lovely as you are and continue giving smiles to others. Enjoy the new year and keep in touch. Thanks for being in my 2011.

Nico, you have been one of kinder souls in fashion and I am so proud to have met you. You have certainly reached greater heights in 2011 and with your God-given talents, I am sure that your new year will be better. Thanks a lot.

Allain, you are a true man of few words but despite that I see you as a true friend. Keep the pureness of the heart and keep the love. I know 2012 has more to give to you. Thank you!

Gic, one of the few models I have interactions with. You are such a nice person and easy to get along with. Keep burning the catwalk and I know you'll have more success in 2012. Thanks for a nice 2011. :)

Dale, it is so nice to be friends with you. At first, I thought you are a bit snob but getting to know you better takes out that notion. You are one of the few persons I know that has a ready smile for everyone. And did I say, you have one of the best bods in town? Stay safe and have a fun 2012 ahead.

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