Friday, January 20, 2012


1. Mars Needs Mom
This Disney film was doomed from start to finish. Never have I experienced such pain in watching a film. Of all the Disney films/cartoons, this one is never intended for children. With a seemingly odd plot and horrendous drawings, this is definitely the biggest miss in 2011.

2. Spy Kids: All The Time In The World
Bringing up a new film on an ailing franchise without new or interesting script or story is suicide. Even if some of the original cast graced this 4th Spy Kids film. this was a dud in most aspects. Maybe it's time to end the series while we can still remember the goodness of the original.

3. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
Another one of those sequels which failed real big time. In the first place, I never had any idea that this project was even greenlighted. The comic side was still there but the story was just bland and the sequences were quite dragging. Hope they learned their lesson. No more Mommas.

4. Larry Crowne
When you have two big stars like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it spells certified hit - well at least in the 90's. But these years, even the best elements of the 2 could not save a boring and dragging story that seems to lack interest.

5. The Big Year
Another film that seemed like it's destined for success was "The Big Year" until it bombed at the box-office. And with great comedians Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black, you could never go wrong or maybe they have. The inability of the film to showcase the true talents of the 3 actors were evident as some of the lines were half funny and not too intellectual. The chemistry side of the actors were also amiss as it seems they try to outshine each other.

6. Scream 4
And the mixed fortune for franchises continue. Once dominant suspense flick Scream gets its 4th installment in 2011 with the core cast returning and a bunch of new "Screamettes" on hand. But the story became as predictable as it is and there were more frills than frights. It failed to scare and make people scream.

7. Conan The Barbarian
This film was not bad as it seems but when you try to compare it with the original, it looked like sub-standard. The scenes were all too dark and the lead actor Jason Momoa lacked strong screen presence to command audiences to take part in his world. The story was good but the acting was just not good. It could have been better.

8. Zookeeper
Like 2010 when we have an animal flick as one of the worst, this year also takes the same route with "Zookeeper". I don't have much to say but boring, boring and boring. Animal films used to be pleasing but this one just flat out bombed.

9. Cowboys and Aliens
Touted and marketed as one of the sure-fire hits of 2011, the film actually did well in the box-office but despite that I never truly enjoyed the film. I just find it indifferent to see aliens and cowboys together - just don't mix. And most of the scenes were just too impossible to be true. Even with powerhouse Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig on the front, they could not save much of the film.

10. New Year's Eve
They did follow "Valentine's Day" which also landed as one of the worst from last year. But the difference this time around is that aside from being critically bombarded, New Year's Eve also bombed at the tills failing to match Valentine's appeal. And like its predecessor, there were nice stories but with the number of big stars in the film, they were never able to shine.

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