Friday, January 20, 2012


My foreign TV viewing have been changed for the past year but there were 3 shows from last year that still keeps me glued on the TV screens. Here are the Top 10 TV shows/series that made my viewing pleasure one of the best ever.

1. The Kitchen Musical (New Entry)
Although this is largely seen on Asia only, I applaud this series for becoming a very well-conceptualized kitchen musical. The story has brevity and depth and the characterization was well played. Another good thing is the obvious presence of Filipino talent in this show with the leads Karylle and Christian Bautista showing the world that they can sing very well. A magnificent plate of wonderful servings for TV. Genuine!

2. The Voice (New Entry)
Reality talent searches are abound in 2011 but I was only hooked with "The Voice". The idea of having to audition while the judges were looking back is tantamount that this is real a vocal competition from the get-go. And with vibrant and talented judges CeeLo Green. Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5's Adam Levine, the show was truly one of the best of 2011.

3. Criminal Minds (New Entry)
I sort of got tired in 2010 of crime-related series but for 2011 I simply got hooked with 2 and the first one is Criminal Minds. Solving cases was never this great. The series lets one go into what is really inside a criminal's head and from there try to outwit and outdo him to get the culprit.

4. Supernatural (Last Year: 2)
Supernatural remains to attract me with their intense fight scenes and good stories. Although 2011 has seen some ho-hums episodes, still who can resist the idea of two hunks Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in your boob tubes?

5. Two and a Half Men (New Entry)
Comedy 2 1/2 Men was all abuzz in 2011 with the renegade Charlie Sheen being booted out and Ashton Kutcher pitching in for the series. The comedy is still as high and it just got more controversial.

6. Terranova (New Entry)
Never mind if critics consistently pan Terranova. For me, I truly enjoy the ride. The idea of getting into a different world of extraordinary proportions seems to interest me. Maybe because there are things in the current world that is so cruel.

7. America's Next Top Model (Last Year: 10)
This year saw the lowest ratings for ANTM but I got hooked at some point to this new season. Seeing Filipino fashion icon Michael Cinco dress some of the models was just surreal. That makes me proud to be a Filipino. The challenges were also upped a level this time around. Some of the contestants bore me to death but there were notable ones who deserve the crown.

8. A Minute To Win It (New Entry)
Reality show at its fastest pace. A catchy title helped this show to gain audiences and let us think if we can actually shine in just a minutes time. Contestants do almost anything just to win it all.

9. Glee (Last Year: 1)
Last year's champ failed to impress in 2011. Although there were bright spots in the course of its airing this year, there were episodes that we can almost pass on. One controversial leap for the show was to put focus on the gay relationship between Kurt and Blaine (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss). That is commendable showing to us that we are all equal in love.

10. NCIS (New Entry)
NCIS is the second crime scene type series I loved in 2011. What makes it likeable is that its leads show human sides and we can see that they are also vulnerable. The challenge of solving the crime makes more interesting when combined with personal issues and conflicts.

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