Sunday, January 1, 2012


The rest of the GSAP Period-End (then and now) including our very own Senior Team Manager made my 2011 one year not to forget. I would like to thank all of you for the times we have spent together in the past year. May the friendship remain and may happiness continue to flourish.

Gen, you are indeed one happy lady. Everytime I see you, I can't help but smile. You are such a bundle of joy. Keep the smiles as those make people happy. I am happy being friends with such a person as you are.

Thea, you are a picture of beauty and elegance. But aside from that you kept your humility and down-to-earth nature intact. It is my great thanks that I get to work under your team.

Anne, another one of the funniest people to be with you. One will never have a dull moment with you. Thanks for being a good friend and hope your 2012 continue to be as good or better than your 2011.

Julie, you may have left Shell already but certainly you made your mark. Your kind heart is impeccable and I really treasure your friendship. May you continue to reap success in the coming years. Thanks again.

Tere, the "rocker" mom. You have this certain personality that exudes confidence. You are a strong-willed person but has a soft side in her specially when it comes to her kids. Happy 2012.

Wemie, you are simple and pure. You have a heart that is seemingly innocent and is one that is willing to help. You have a certain poise and grace that makes you nice.

Kreim, your smile is one of the most timid-looking one that I have seen. Your silence does not mean that you have nothing to say coz when you speak out, you only say worthy words.

Mye, funny and energetic as you may seem, I know there is also a serious side in you - one that is of a true person. Thanks for the laughs in 2011.

William, thanks for the coffee treats and for being such a nice person as well. God bless in 2012.

Charm, good luck in your new career. Thanks for being a good listener and a nice person.

Dinah, simple yet witty. You are one of the people I believe with every word you say. Thanks for a good 2011.

Che, good and kind-natured. You are a mirror of a simple yet fun person. Happy 2012.

Arlene, thanks for being so honest and so blunt. Welcome to the cluster and keep the smiles.

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