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Local movie industry have a new found life in 2011 thanks largely to a barrage of wonderfully crafted indie films. There were only few films but most of them are good enough to watch. Here is my top 10 Filipino movies in 2011 that touched my heart, made me smile and gave me great feelings.

1. In The Name of Love
Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin and Jake Cuenca formed part on one of the bigger hits of 2011. This did not end as the top-grossing movie of the past year but for me it still is the number one movie of 2011. What worked well is the element of surprise. The story has us drawn too much to what it wants us to believe that when the reality came out, all the viewers were just plain surprised. The leads gave commendable performances as well with the support cast most notable Carmi Martin and Ryan Eigenmann. The theme song was well fit to the movie and was wonderfully performed by Gary Valenciano. Truly a gem of a film.

2. No Other Woman
This movie was never pictured as a blockbuster hit but alas it has become the Number 2 film of the year and of all-time. The sensitive issue of womanizing and love affair outside marriage was carefully tackled and was perfectly portrayed into the film by Director Ruel Bayani. Derek Ramsay did well in his acting chops so as Cristine Reyes was effective in transforming from a helpless housewife to a fierce woman. Carmi Martin's character was one of the most memorable as her lines have drawn cheers and applause in the cinemas. And of course Anne Curtis as the other woman was just superb. The emotions she have shown can be truly felt. Just wonderful pieces of acting.

3. Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank
One of the gems of indie film making in 2011 was "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank". Hailed as the Philippines official entry to the Academy Awards, this indie is one that surely packs a lot of punch. The unique storytelling was evident that keeps audience as linked as they can be with the characters of the story. Eugene Domingo again showed how brilliant she truly is. Wonderful!

4. Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington
This unique indie comedy film surely did a lasting impression to most of the people. Tackling one of the delicate topics in the society - homosexuality and turning it into satire was wonderfully done by the writers and carefully represented by the director. A very sterling performance of lead actor Marin Escudero as the confused/gay Remington really set the film apart. Add the supporting cast of Eugene Domingo and Roderick Paulate and you've got a jackpot. Horror, fantasy and comedy combined, this film also made a mark with its dialogues specifically that "ispirikitik" thing. A winner!

5. Who's That Girl
Another comedy and another film with Eugene Domingo. Combined with Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano, this film perfectly fits as one of the funniest of the year. It's hilarious to see Eugene and Anne look like odd people as they try to portray their roles to the best. Not much depth of a story base but I don't know, I just plain enjoyed it.

6. Enteng Ng Ina Mo
The latest addition to 2 big MMFF franchises - Enteng Kabisote and Tanging Ina was destined to be a blockbuster behemoth. And it did not disappoint in terms of fun level as well. The way the worlds were combined together was good enough to make you believe both worlds exist. As usual Vic Sotto and AiAi Delas Alas were both great so as with Eugene Domingo who only have few moments in the film but all so memorable.

7. Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa
The third indie film in my list is also one that tackles with homosexuality but delivered in a subtle yet intimate way. Jean Garcia was joined by 2 young actors Rocco Nacino and Paulo Avelino as they try to discover the conflicts of each relationship they are in. As the title suggests dancing with two left shoes will never be easy so as they discover. Seeing fresh talents in the movies is a breath of fresh air.

8. Catch Me, I'm In Love
After the fallout of a 3rd Sarah-John Lloyd film, Star Cinema did some experimenting with Sarah and Gerald and they did master a hit. The on-screen chemistry of the two seemed believable that many viewers felt in love and got engaged with the story. Sweet yet realistic, the film was simple yet good enough to let viewers fall in love.

9. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
If you're looking for a heavy drama, then you're in for the ride with this movie. With a powerhouse cast that includes veterans Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion and young brooding actors Jericho Rosales, Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe and many more, this film is destined to be a full house. The story may be a bit too much but still each character was given their rightful time to shine. The way the characters were represented were brilliant showing that drama is really a Filipino forte.

10. Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig
This film may have not the commercial success as the others in this list but for sure this one is a film with substance. From the helm of acclaimed director Marilou Diaz-Abaya, this film focuses on the inner Catholic in all of us. It shows us that there are things we can;t change but we have to accept wholeheartedly. We are reminded that once we believe in Him we will never fail. Marvin Agustin and Ina Feleo were brilliant in this film. Also a tearjerker.

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