Sunday, January 1, 2012


Facebook has been a window for me to get to know new acquaintances, usually involved in my passion on writing, fashion and photography. Some I got to know because of FB games and some old friends who became closer through FB. Truly social networking have made me create new friends. Thanks to all of you for being a part of my 2011.

Kristoff, one busy bee you are. You are one of the most humble people I know. Keep dreaming and I know you will go places. Thanks for constantly communicating.

Will, it is blogging that actually made us closer and FB was just another instrument to keep communication lines open. You are one nice person and thanks for always being there to support. Happy 2012 my friend.

Astroboy, I know you're far and Philippines is truly missing your genuine smiles. Thanks for all the FB games help and for the nice advices as well. You're one of the brightest people I have met.

Kerwin, you rock! One of the best personalities ever. And mind you, it comes on top of a great body and good face. Now, that's something to boot. Thanks for being nice. Hope to see you soon!

Speed, thanks for the good times in 2011. Keep safe always my friend. Always believe that you are a great person. Keep in touch.

Mark, you are of the best helps I have for FB games. But aside from that, I know you have a kind heart and a genuine personality. Always keep the smiles and may you have more success in 2012.

Wes, thanks for being one the few can suddenly turn my day into doom to precious. Your kind demeanor and bubbly personality truly uplifts everyone's spirits. Thanks for a wonderful 2011.

Mike, your company is sorely missed. I hope time would come that we would meet again. Thanks for all the wonderful times together and keep safe always.

Al, kind and humble are only a few words to describe you. One get-togethers may be short but they were all fun. My most sincere of thanks for a great 2011.

Maynard, keep in touch. 2011 has been a good year for you and 2012 is looking great as well. Alwasy remain down-to-earth and cool. Thanks a lot!

John, thanks for being ever supportive on my blog and being such a nice friend. I hope the coming year will see our friendship be stronger. Thanks.

Jhei, you're one of the few FB friends that I got to see. Thanks for being such a nice guy not just on FB but in person as well. My deepest appreciation for being a part of my 2011.

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