Monday, January 30, 2012


1. Bruno Mars (Last Year: 1)
2011 has been a very big year with Bruno with successful singles one after the other (The Lazy Song and It Will Rain), he even stepped it up with a collaboration with Eminem (Bad Meets Evil) entitled "Lighters" which was a huge hit worldwide. And this popstar made his presence felt even more in the Philippines where he traces his roots with endorsements for local clothing line Bench.

2. Justin Bieber (Last Year: 3)
Justin continues to conquer the pop world much with his moves and his catchy tunes. He upped the soul vibe a bit with his collab with Chris Brown (Next To You). His relationship with Selena Gomez is constantly one of the hottest items in the news. Later in 2011, he released a Christmas album from which his hit "Mistletoe" came from.

3. Chris Brown (New Entry)
After a downwards 2010 much with the controversial break-up with Rihanna, Chris has found a rebound in 2011. With the success of his new album specially his collaboration with Justin Bieber for Next 2 You, he sure is back in the limelights.

4. Eminem (Last Year: 2)
The Real Slim Shady keeps on doing great music and 2011 was no exception. His reunion with Royce to once again rebuild Bad Meets Evil was equally a success. They released a single, "Lighters" from which they were joined by popstar Bruno Mars.

5. Pitbull (New Entry)
Pitbull did several collaborations this year but 2 stood out among the rest - "Give Me Everything" and the highly infectious and danceable track "On The Floor" with Jennifer Lopez. He has performed several shows with J.Lo much to the delight of fans.

6. Usher (Last Year: 5)
Usher was also busy in 2011 much with his collaborations with some of the great artists in the music industry. His best in 2011 was "Without You' with David Guetta.

7. Kanye West (New Entry)
Controversial singer song-writer Kanye made a big gamble in 2011 and it did paid off in some ways. He released a new album but this time it's a co-album with another music giant Jay-Z. Their song "Otis" was well received by critics although the song did not really hit it big with the fans.

8. Scotty McCreery (New Entry)
American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty landed in our top 10 not for being the best selling Idol of all time. But even with that, his debut album "Clear As Day" managed to top the Billboard album charts at the time it was released making him in the company of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry as the only Idols to have a No.1 album.

9. David Archuleta (Last Year: 6)
David Archuleta is venturing into new places and by places I mean country. Yes, you bet, David is now in the Philippines and has been eagerly anticipating his TV project with TV5 which is up for release in 2012.

10. Lil' Wayne (New Entry)
With a monster hit "How To Love" on his sleeve in 2011, no one seems to be stopping Lil' Wayne from making big hits again. His album "The Carter IV" topped the albums chart when it was released.

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