Sunday, January 29, 2012


One of the best things to do in this world is eat and with a very fast paced world we are in, fast food chains have been a big hit to the working class. Here are the food chains that I so love in 2011.

1. Bon Chon Chicken
This fast food chain just hit the Philippines shore in 2011 and man I was mesmerized and quickly got hooked. The chicken were just tasty and oh so great. And you can choose their 2 flavors of spicy and garlic. And they have some other nice food on their menu from their burgers, chapchae, fries, calamari and a whole lot more. But for meat loving dudes and dudettes, you can choose from their wings, chops, drumsticks and thighs. Truly delectable.

2. KFC
KFC has been a consistent favorite on my list. Moreso with their evolving menu in the past year. Their chicken remains to be one of the best may it be Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy. And 2011 saw some great food additions to their entree. The twister family just became bigger with California Maki and their Fish  flavors. Their BBQ Rods was back and instantly became hit again. One sterling addition to their menu is the Double Down which has Original Recipe and Hot And Crispy as well. Truly a mouth-watering feast.

3. Jollibee
Truly Pinoy! That's what makes Jollibee close to my heart. And aside from that their food is really nice as well. Their Chicken Joy is still among the best in town. I liked several innovations on their menu as well like the flavored fries - Sour Cream specifically and their sulit 39ers. Kids and adults alike love Jollibee and so am I.

4. Greenwich
Of all the fast food chains that really cater on pizza and pasta, Greenwich is perhaps the most pocket-friendly. And that does not make them lesser in taste. I practically love their lasagna among any others. I also love their meat overload and hawaiian variants.

5. World Chicken
It was only in 2010 that I got to first taste World Chicken and since then I just keep on loving them. Their menu of chicken with your choice of sauce and 2 sidings was really a delight to hungry people just like me. I personally like their cheese or mushroom sauce. As for the sidings, all their rice were wonderful and for the pasta, the best for me is their pesto.

6. McDonald's
McDo is one of the fast food chains that have been in my list for the past few years. There's a certain difference in the way their burger tastes in compared to the others. Also I certainly love their chicken nuggets which is so wonderful with their barbeque sauce. Another great thing about McDonald's is their wonderful collection of toys with their Happy Meals.

7. Chowking
Chinese food at a reasonable price. Chowking is one of the alternative fast food chains out there. While all the rest focus on burgers, pastas and fries, Chowking goes Oriental. Their mix of soups, lauriat plates and dimsums are sure hits in my belly. I specifically like their Orange Chicken and Beef Broccoli.

8. Kenny Roger's
When it comes to roasted chicken, one of the best out there is Kenny Roger's. Their meal is a great set to start with. Aside from their roasted chicken which now comes with Honey Roasted flavor, the most enjoyable parts are the sidings. Personally I am so much in love with Mac & Cheese and Potatoes in Chives. Plus their sandwiches are also good to try.

9. Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is just a place to have wonderful pizza experience, may it be thin crust or thick crust. Here are some of the flavors that truly stand out - Premium All Meat, Bacon Cheeseburger, Meat Lovers and Super Supreme. Wow, and if it isn't enough, you can stuff crust your pizza. Choose between stuffed cheese or stuffed sausage and you've got a treat.

10. Burger King
BK Mushroom Swiss is one of the things that keep me coming back to Burger King. And aside from that their seemingly huge serving of fries and drinks would put you into full status. And their Whopper and Whopper Jr. is just as tasty. And they have free wi-fi on most of their stores and charging stations. Now that would come handy.

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