Tuesday, August 3, 2010


2010 marks a new year of social gaming in Facebook. After 2009 gave us big hits like Farmville and Mafia Wars, the new year is set to be a battle of fresh concepts in the arena of gaming. Enter Booyah’s Nightclub City. This new social game was a big buzz when it first hit FB shores and now it has tallied close to 5 Million monthly users already and still counting. Most of FB users and critics alike has given Nightclub City good reviews already which is continuously rubbing its effect towards more and more players.

What makes Nightclub City a hit? It is a fresh take on the often crowded “planting, wars and cooking” arena in most of the FB games. NC combines a mixture of nice graphics, cute characters and good sounds to its portfolio. It’s main storyline/concept is managing a club and making sure it becomes really really popular and wonderfully crafted (interior design). The sounds are exceptional and keep you playing for hours without interruption ranging from Pop, Hip-Hop, House and others. It’s nice to see their Celebrity line-up as well which are renamed closely to who they really are in the real world. Does Mandy Boore and Britney Smears ring a bell? =) What’s good as well is your ability to see and check other friends clubs and get money from them (refill and DJ chores). The feature from which you can choose a friend to actually work for your club is also there as it is from the other social games. Adding a little twist is having your entourage from which you can actually choose who amongst your friends would be in your elite circle. (dress them up as well as you dress your own character). This and a whole bunch of features which they continue to update are keeping FB users glued to the NC. What’s keeping you from trying the new scene? Time to play on. Time to party!!!

By the way, the picture above is a picture of my club =)

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