Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In 2010, most of my college barkada were really supportive of me specially during times that I am down and almost out. To all of you, thanks a lot and here's hoping that I can give back to you in return in 2011.

Ahms, thanks for constantly being in contact with me. You have been a good friend ever since high school and you have never changed a bit. Simple and beautiful from all aspects, stay as nice and sweet as you are. You are indeed one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

Alex, I appreciate the likes on my blog and the regular FB comments. You have also been in constant communication with me. Thanks for all the help and it is really an honor to be friends with you. May 2011 continue to bring you nice stuff.

Claire, though you are far from us, the distance did not hinder our friendship. You are alwasy there to listen and send out a helping hand. Thanks a lot for that. Hope to get to talk to you again and share sweet nothings about life.

Leth, thanks for always being the bubbly person that you are. You are indeed a bundle of joy and it is surely fun being your friend. As always, thanks for trying to help out specially in times of my dire need. Happy 2011.

Jepoy, though you already have a family, you remain to be one of the good friends I have. Thanks for the willingness to share your blessings. Always keep the smiles as it does not only bring happiness to you but also to all of us.

Coy, I know it is a happy 2010 for you. Though I was not able to attend your wedding, I truly congratulate you. Thanks for being in constant connection with all of us. More blessings in 2011.

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  1. wow! thnks chong! the pleasure is mine. im also blessed to have a one in a million friend like you.



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