Monday, January 3, 2011


In 2010, I began to explore more horizons and connect to more people using social networking sites, the most of which is Facebook. Along the way I have developed new friends and chatmates. Thanks for all the time and the nice conversations we have.

To Kristoff, though we have not met, it was a true pleasure to get to know you. Sayang, you did not win the 100 bachelors but I know God has other bigger gifts for you. A mind like yours is to be envied by others. Couple that with charms and great personality and you have a wonderful person. Thanks for the FB comments and the nice chats along the way.

To Astroboy, you are indeed one of the most kind of sould that I have known. You never seem to take any negativities. Your words have inspired me in many ways. I know you may be far from the Philippines right now, but still your presence here is felt. Keep safe and thanks again.

To Maynard, Mr. Twitter. =) It was fun knowing you and all our conversations or comment exchanges in FB are simply hilarious. Thanks for following my twitter and my blog as well. All of these are truly appreciated. You never fail to make me smile.

To Speed. I have known you since '08 and you still never fail to surprise me in one way or another. Though you seem silent and all, there is a great person underneath that quietness. Thanks for the great messages and inspiring words. Hope to build on more of the ties in 2011.

To Kerwin, thanks for being nice and all. The simple comment exchanges in FB is really appreciated. Hope to get to meet you this 2011 and become better friends. More success to you this new year!

To Will, thanks a bunch. You seem to be always online and really was one of the few people who gives full willingness to listen. You are indeed a wonderful soul. Keep the smiles and stay friendly as always.

To Sue, thanks a bunch for the inspiring messages and comments. You are truly a blessing to all of your friends. Hope that in 2011 you will reap more blessings of your own for you to be truly happy. Thanks for following my blog as well.

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  1. :) you are welcome, we may have met through a game on facebook but for me we have become good friends and i hope this will last a long time :)
    my messages of support and advice will continue for as long as we talk to each other :)
    i truly hope that 2011 will be my best year so far and that i will get the happiness i deserve at last :)
    here's to another year of friendship and may it be a better one for us both :)



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