Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In 2010 I have rarely made contact with my High School buddies. Some are already not in the Philippines while some are just too busy with work. But still, I would like to give them thanks for always being there. Hope to have more times together in 2011.

To Ronald, my pamangkin. Wherever you are, I would like to thank you for all the nice times together.
To DX, thanks for the willingness to help and the readiness to listen. I appreciate it a lot.
To Neil, naughty yet with a kind heart. I value the time and the effort to help. Thanks a lot.
To Donn (Laki), salamat. You have helped me in some of the most difficult times in my life.
To Phillip, you may be in another country, but thanks for keeping in touch and chatting from time to time.
To Donn (Liit), haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're okay and thanks for the friendship.

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