Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Back when I was in P&G, I call a trio of girls my "Charlie's Angels". This is a monicker I gave since these 3 girls are relatively new in the group I have been working with and I am helping them in the training and all. And did I say, they are all equally pretty, talented and packs some punch? To them, though we are now not working together, thanks for 2010 and good luck on 2011.

To Fel, the first of the three. You are really intellectual and sincere. Your honesty has made me really like you in many ways. I admire you for being so humble despite what you have. Keep up and I hope to talk to you again one of these days.

To Belle, bubbliness personified. You can light up the room with your smiles, jokes and laughs. You are one of the truest people I have met. Simple at most instances but really wonderful inside and out. Thanks for keeping in touch in 2010. It is really appreciated.

To Cyriss, perhaps of the three you are the most silent in terms of working but still you can deliver. I miss your simple words that truly make us smile and sometimes inspire. May you continue to bring friendship to others in 2011.

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