Monday, January 17, 2011


The male singers were hot but the ladies came out fierce in 2010. There were a lot of artists I loved in the past year and trimming them down was difficult. So out of all categories, this is the only one where I have 11. Here's my top picks from the year that was.

1. Rihanna
- 2010 was just a very busy year for Rihanna. And I just so love every song she released in the past year. A compelling collaboration with Eminem in"Love The Way You Lie" once again showed her versatility. Yet, her year belongs to dance tunes and hits as she stormed her way to 3 club faves, "What's Your Name?", "Only Girl" and "Who's That Chick?".

2. Lady Gaga
- Continuously making headlines in 2010. After a huge 2009 behind her, she still is one hot item in 2010. With her "Bad Romance" a club favorite and her collaboration with Beyonce "Telephone", she is still one hot item. 2011 looks promising as well as she is rumored to be guesting in Glee.

3. Katy Perry
- Smokin' hot. Katy did rule most of the charts in 2010. Her latest album spawn the hits "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" and "Firework". And how about her controversial song "Peacock" which she did some rounds in her series of shows in the US. Let's not forget that controversy with Elmo for Sesame Street. Busy bee for Katy.

4. Kylie Minogue
- Her new album "Aphrodite" did good on the charts. And yes, on her 40s she still is smokin' hot. She released her debut single from that album "All The Lovers" which has a sexy video on it. Too many bodies - really sexy ones. Often regarded as the new icon of gaydom, she did well in 2010 and even followed that song with catchy tune "Get Outta My Way".

5. Taylor Swift
- I love her, maybe not for her live performances but I like her as a whole, Sweet and charming, she made waves in 2010 with a brand new album "Speak Now" which boasts of the nice song "Mine". Though her Manila concert last 2010 did not push through, well she's coming here in 2011.

6. Beyonce
- Not much new stuff from the bombshell Beyonce but her collab with Lady Gaga for "Telephone" sure kept her in the airwaves. Magazine covers, Tv guestings and her love Jay-Z were just some of the things he got busy with in 2010.

7. Nicki Minaj
- Never mind the feud with fellow rapper Lil' Kim. She has outdone herself in a big way. I first liked her in the video with Mariah Carey but then I now love her even more specially with "Bottoms Up" and "Check It Out". Truly fun to watch.

8. Charice
- Proud to be Filipino. Charice has made strides in her international career grabbing Billboard success for her album and her song "Pyramid". Never mind if she was snubbed for "Best New Artist" in the Grammys, she still has that recurring role in "Glee". Go Sunshine!

9. Pink
- Pink has always beem a favorite of mine even years back when she was still an upstart. Fun and a joy to watch. Pink has really a wonderful voice and her songs are usually message heavy that one would think about the stuff she's saying. Her performances of "Glitter In The Air" kept her busy for the early part of 2010 but before the year ended, she released a great song in "Raise Your Glass".

10. Alicia Keys
- Keys' latest album may have not made it as huge as her previous ones but I love the songs in it. For me, it is far more personal and filled with emotions. I like "Doesn't Mean Anything" as it is about love and also "Sleeping With A Broken Heart". But the best for me is her collaboration with Jay-Z for "Empire State of Mind". Truly a masterpiece.

11. Christina Aguilera
Christina's 2010 is B&B. She released her brand new album "Bionic" which has the controversial "Not Myself Tonight" and the emotionally compelling "You Lost Me". Then, she starred opposite music icon Cher in the film "Burlesque". And she got even sexier.

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