Monday, January 10, 2011


Foreign TV viewing has not been so strong as compared to the past with not much new shows ringing the bell and old reliables suffering from "old-time crisis" and lack of good storylines. But still some are memorable and I also made big switches to reality based shows rather than the normal drama or comedy shows (except some like Glee). Here's my Top 10 for 2010.

1. Glee
- The second season started with a bang moreso with Charice rocking the house with her powerful rendition of "Listen" in the auditions before being snagged by rival group. "Vocal Adrenaline" But aside from Charice, a whole lot more made Glee interesting with powerful guests after the other which includes Darren Criss, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos and even Britney Spears. And also, it is nice to see some of the other stars get shining moments as well.

2. Supernatural
- Two hot brothers hunting demons and other paranormal beings, now that is a big catch. Aside from hunky stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural truly has a solid story base to thrive upon. All episodes were filled with intensity and bravado.

3. The Amazing Race Asia 4
- I have been a fan of TARA (US and Asia version) but the Asian version has definitely outshine the last US version. And what's more fun is another Filipino team has challenged for the top prize and this time made all it all the way to the top. Congrats Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera.

4. Dancing With The Stars
- DWTS has surely won me over in the past years and now has definitely taken over the top spot over American Idol as my fave. This season saw some intrigues boiling as Bristol Palin made her way to the Top 3 despite so-so performances. Good thing that the best dancer/pair won as Jennifer Grey took home the Top Prize and Palin settling for 3rd.

5. Lost
- Lost has somehow slipped down the ratings in the past year but I definitely would not want to miss the finale of a show I used to love. The last season was indeed better but not as compelling as the first few ones. The drama and intensity was just right and fitting for a series finale. This JJ Abrams caper would be sorely missed in the boob tube.

6. Hell's Kitchen
- A bit profane for other's standards. But HK's appeal is that and the drama within this cooking reality show. But aside from that, it is to note that I loved the people they bring in. They are truly talented chefs and cooks.

7. America's Got Talent
- If you want to see any great acts from the US, then you're in for a show as the best musicians, gymnasts, magicians and just about anything else can be seen here. And did I mention that some of the worst are also here. There are just some few people who should not even tried in the first place. A fun to watch talent show.

8. True Blood
- This Allan Ball (Six Feet Under) creation is surely one show to tune in. Have one telephatic waitress fall in love with a vampire and have tons of twists and turns and you've got yourslef a TV guilty pleasure. And who could resist Anna Paquin's charm as the lovely telepath?

9. So You Think You Can Dance
- I just loved watching dance shows and can't pass for a dance competition as well. The show really challenged the contestant's abilities as they were asked to dance some genres they don't even know. But the show's pack of talent has shown everyone that a talented dancer can groove to any kind of music.

10. America's Next Top Model
- Not as entertaining as the past seasons are but ANTM has succeeded in bringing spice in its new season at least for some of the surprises and the challenges. Tyra remains funny and beautiful at the same time. The formula is still there. Get ladies who want to be models and make their dreams come true. Still a delight to watch.

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