Wednesday, January 19, 2011


2010 sports was on a new high as men really showed the world that they can play. The guys separated themselves from the boys as on every sport area, a big name or two stood out among the rest in and out of the sport. Here is my top 10 for the past year.

1. Manny Pacquiao
- Aside from the fact that he is a Filipino, he has shown the whole world that he is currently the best there is in boxing winning his last matches convincingly against Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito. He has shown that he is a good draw in PPV as well. And who could forget his victory in the recent elections in May of 2010. And the awards and accolades just keeps going and going.

2. Rafael Nadal
- Rafa started 2010 in odd fashion retiring in his semifinal match against Andy Murray in the Australian Open. But after that he turned up one notch above the others as he swept the last 3 remaining Grand Slams beginning with his most loved French Open, then Wimbledon and his first US Open. With the victory he completes a career slam already and comes in AO 2011 with a possibility to hold all slams at one time.

3. Lebron James
- James' move from Cleveland to Miami has been a vey hot item in 2010. Some have criticized him for the action but I don't mind. I still love Lebron and I hope that with his new team, he gets a chance or a crack at an NBA Championship.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo
- Ronaldo is everything football and the world asks for. He has talent, looks, charisma and is gorgeously hot. Topping David Beckham for me as the hottest footballer there is, this A/X endorser also busies himself with several endorsements and modelling chores.

5. Kobe Bryant
- With Kobe helping the Lakers again in capturing the NBA crown, he has sure cemented himself as one of the greats that ever has played in the league. When Jordan left NBA, it was Kobe that I learned to admire and despite negative stuff written about him, he's still one of my all-time faves.

6. Tom Daley
- Diving's brainchild and UK's best bet at diving competitions is filled with talent and is oozing with charisma. This youngster has proven his prowess in 2010 Commonwealth Games and is sure touted to be one of the names to beat in the 2012 London Olympics.

7. Sebastian Vettel
- Formula 1 has been one of my liked sports and after Schumi's dominance in the past years the sport has been looking for a charismatic champion. And I was so happy that Sebastian Vettel did take home the championship trophy in 2010. Go for more glory in 2011.

8. Lin Dan
- China has all the reasons to rejoice as their best shuttler Lin Dan has finally grabbed the only major title that has eluded him for the past few years. Line Dan was all smiles when he took home the top prize in the Asian Games 2010.

9. Tiger Woods
- Once the top player in golf, he has struggled in 2010 with his play and his personal life. I know some might argue that he should not be part of the list but for me he came to play golf and not be a role model or something. Hope he swings back in 2011.

10. Evan Lysacek
- American figure skater Evan has again wowed audiences as after grabbing the World Championships in 2009, he followed that up with the Olympic Gold in Italy. Man, does he move so gracefully in ice.

Photo Credits: Yahoo Images, Facebook

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