Thursday, January 13, 2011


Food.. food.. food.. And in a fast paced world like what we have right now, food chains who could offer the quickest food are big hits. Here are the stores that have become a part of my regular cravings in 2010

1. KFC
- Nuff said, I am really a KFC fanatic. I simply love all their recipes and definitely eat with them on a regular basis. They have come a long way in introducing new food choices in 2010. The KFC BBQ sticks were both delicious and cheap. The KFC Double Down is mouth watering. Then there's the KFC Shakin' Shots and Chili Lime chicken. But above anything else, I love their Twisters specially the california maki. And at the end of the day, the old reliable chicken is still on top. Much so with that ever so tasty gravy.

2. Krispy Kreme
- I simply love their doughnuts from their original glazed up to their mini doughnuts. And one thing to really note is their occasional themed doughnuts like the ones for Summer (Mango), Halloween and the Christmas doughnuts. And I also love their new menu regulars Mini Doughnuts and their Baked Creations (Kruffins and Pull-Aparts).

3. Jollibee
- Proudly Filipino. Jollibee has continuously become a part of the Filipino daily craving. Their Chicken Joy is always a tasty treat. Jollibee has remained to be one of the cheapest in the fast food chain battles and has never failed to attract kids. For me the best is the Jollibee Chicken Joy with Spaghetti Meal and of course their Regular Yum.

4. Starbucks
- Of all the coffee houses in the metro, I still love Starbucks the most. I love the ambiance of their stores, the pleasing personalities of their crew and the tasty treats of coffee and pastries. And who would not want their planner which they introduce every November. I got mine just before the year ended.

5. McDonald's
- McDo has been the main competition of Jollibee and you can see that with their products almost mirroring each other out. But there are some notable products I love from this store. Their budget meal Chicken Fillet Meal is truly a saver. And I really watch every time they bring back theis Twister Fries. Yummy!

6. Burger King
- Probably the best burgers in town! Although some might see their food as a bit pricey, it is reasonable since the serving is big enough to satisfy one's craving. For me an order of Mushroom Swiss or Whopper is a big yes! And did I mention they have free wifi and charging station as well?

7. Greenwich
- When anyone says Greenwich the first thing that comes into my mind is the very flavorful Lasagna Supreme. Bring me that and I'll thank you a lot! I swear, I love them! And for some people who can't afford the prices of other pizzerias in town, Greenwich is the answer. Tasty!

8. Chowking
- The budget Chinese resto in the Philippines. The meals are patterned to Chinese cuisines but with added Filipino flavor. The best for me is their Sweet and Sour Pork although they have changed the sauce not to Apple. And for those who have big appetite, try their group lauriat (good for 3) but can be eaten by 2. Ask me and my bestfriend.

9. Wendy's
- Biggie anyone? For the biggest servings of fries, this fast food chain gets the award. My top choice: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt. Simply mouth watering. I miss their salad buffet though. Hope they bring it back.

10. Shakey's
- "Bunch of Lunch" is their stable menu offering and it never ceases to satisfy those taste buds. I loved their pizzas as well and of course the best for me is their Mojos. Potato at its tastiest form.

Credits: Yahoo, Facebook


  1. Mcdo and Krispy Kreme is definitely the top of my list and also Mang Inasal should be included here. Nice blog you got here. :) Kudos to your blog. take care..


  2. Ehhh! nakakagutom naman 'to! i totally agree with your list! And you sure knew how to discuss each one of those... kasi complete with their bestsellers! :) kudos!



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