Saturday, January 22, 2011


2010 saw Hollywood rely mostly on seasoned veterans and a few young stars on the rise. Here's my Top 10 ladies who made my viewing pleasure really a pleasure.

1. Angelina Jolie
- Brangelina news was just everywhere, anytime and anywhere and Ms. Jolie made things more interesting last year. She gets back to the action scene in the big screen with a very successful film "Salt". Though at the end of the year she was panned for her performance in "The Tourist", well oddly enough she gets a Golden Globe nomintaion for it.

2. Emma Watson
- Hermione sported a new look in 2010 with a boyish crop but she has really grown into a fine lady. And while her stint in the Harry Potter movies is shortly coming to an end, I hope that she'll get more movie projects along the way. For 2011, HP8 is gonna make us see her again.

3. Kristen Stewart
- Kristen has once again been part of the headline grabbing "Eclipse", the third film in the "Twilight" saga. I don't know but I like her by much. She shows a bit of fragileness that makes her irresistible and delightful to watch.

4. Julia Roberts
- Julia has shown once again that she is indeed a very talented thespian. After a relatively silent 2009, she starred in the feel-good movie "Eat, Pray, Love". She was convincing in there making me wanna visit Italy, India and Indonesia. Well, I have been to Bali already and it was indeed nice.

5. Miley Cyrus
- Never mind if a lot of peole criticized her for fastforwarding her adulthood. She became sexier and added a new edge to her career. Her recent videos and performances were all revealing by some standards. Although Miley can be seen as her usual bubbly person in the film "The Last Song" which I liked.

6. Lea Michele
- Though Lea is conquering TV land only, she has stirred quite headlines and controversies along the way as well. Her GQ fold with her Glee mates sure did elicit publicity may it be good or bad.

7. Heidi Klum
- 2010 saw Heidi's departure from the Victoria's Secret fold. But that does not make her less of a hottie mom. She was seen in the steamy video of Seal "Secrets". And she still keeps her "Project Runway" show.

8. Jessica Alba
- Still flaming hot. Despite her not doing the rounds in the films recently, she still remains on my brain cells. Well, I just hoped that she gets more movies in '11. She ended the year with abit role in the "Little Fockers" film.

9. Megan Fox
- It was truly a roller coaster year for Megan and not really on a good way. She was dropped off the Transformers franchise after a feud with Michael Bay and her "Jonah Hex" film was jinxed and bombed at the box-office. But her good looks alone made it for me as she takes a spot on my Top 10. And also, she was nice in "Love The Way You Lie" video.

10. Scarlett Johansson
- Yes, sexy as ever. ScaJo has made it big in 2010 with her inclusion in the highly successful Iron Man series. Her role in there will also form part of the upcoming "Avengers" film. What's next for sexy Scarlett?

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