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Local films have also made a steady move in 2010. There were only few films but most of them are good enough to watch. Here are the ten films that made me smile, cry and feel great.

1. Sa 'Yo Lamang
- This Star Cinema movie surely brought lots of tears to my eyes. The acting of each cast member was noteworthy from veterans Lorna Tolentino and Christopher De Leon and the breakthrough performances by Bea Alonzo and Coco Martin. This is one family film that surely made its mark in 2010. Bring out the hankies and prepare to sniff every now and then.

2. My Amnesia Girl
- Judging by the trailer alone I expected a very fun movie. Little did I know that I would also be caught off guard and shed a tear or two. My Amnesia Girl triumphed in bringing both, kudos to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina. It also goes to show that John Lloyd and Toni are two talented individuals as they showed up on the screen and convinced me they have love for each other. The pick up lines and punch lines were also worthy of noting.

3. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na 'To)
- AiAi continues to amaze and this film goes to show that her victory as Best Actress in the recently concluded MMFF is no fluke. She dabbles into comedy then shift into drama mode with ease. As usual, Eugene Domingo also packs a great comedic timing. The duo of AiAi and Uge is certainly infectious and would really tickle your funny bones. This is also a memorable film as it was sort of a reunion of the original cast members (minus Heart and Edu). Another heartfelt offering from Star Cinema.

4. RPG Metanoia
- This is truly a breakthrough movie for the Philippines. It is now officially the first 3D offering of our country and it sure did amaze. It just goes to show how talented Filipinos truly are. For one, the movie may have thrived to the usual underdog story Pinoys are known for but still with all the graphics, visuals and sound this is one treat one shouldn't miss. Dota fans would definitely enjoy.

5. Petrang Kabayo
- Hilarious from start to finish. Vice Ganda triumphed in giving the viewers a treat. One of the funniest movies of the year with some notable performances including Joy Viado, Eugene Domingo and a whole lot more. Truly every person can change from bad to good.

6. Noy, The Movie
- It is truly great to see how Coco Martin has grown as an actor and he truly is a great thespian. Gone are the days when he struts his wares and do sexy indies just to thrive in the movie industry. This is surely one leap for Coco's career. Not as great as I have expected it to be but Noy, The Movie still has that spice that would warrant you to stay in your movie seats.

7. Tarima
- A gay-inspired love story focusing on unconditional love. This is not your usual indie film that talks about gay life. It makes you realize that true love transcends any gender, age or culture. Fanny Serrano's performance is compelling as well with Gloria Romero and Chokoleit's. A good breakthrough for Rocky Salumbides who plays Fanny's love interest.

8. Here Comes The Bride
- This comedy film truly made my stomach ache in so much laughter. Amazing performances from its cast. Every single one of them delivered a great performance from Eugene Domingo, John Lapuz, Jaime Fabregas, Tuesday Vargas and Angelica Panganiban. They don't mind turning ugly just to make us laugh.

9. Rosario
- It could have been better but still Rosario came out of the blocks as one of the better films in the 2010 MMFF in terms of depth and story. Great direction from Albert Martinez and commendable acting from Jennylyn Mercado and Dolphy. Hope to have more movies like this one in the years to come.

10. Emir
- This is another breakthrough in the new age of Philippine cinema. Although panned in the box-office, Emir is something we should really be proud of. Chito Rono should be commended for doing such a brave movie in dirceting this movie. Visually entertaining and wonderful. Maybe Filipino people aren't ready yeat for this kind of stuff. Overall, it was good.

Credits: Star Cinema, Viva, Regal, Yahoo and Facebook

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