Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 has been a major year for me in blogging. Though I have not really seen most of them in person, I have developed some connections in the blogging community and will definitely find time knowing them more. To all of you many thanks!

To Tolits, keep the smiles and hope you are okay whenever you maybe. Your frequent visit on my site is something I really appreciate. Hope to know more about you.

To Hazel, thanks for the frequent visit and comments in my blog. I also do visit your site on a regular basis. Remain as cool and nice as you are and have a blessed 2011 ahead.

To Vinvin, you are indeed a bundle of fun. I like your bubbliness and your pleasing personality. Did you know that my first prize on the net is with your 333,333 promo? Again, thanks for the nice posts and keep those smiles in your face.

To Lhan, a bunch of thanks as well for frequent visits in my site. I appreciate every single comment you had. More power in 2011.


  1. i wonder if i am that hazel you're talking about... but if indeed that's me.. well, i'm very honored to have known you (even just here in the blogosphere) as well. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR :) how's the nuffnang contest went? did you win it? :D hope you do!

  2. yup, Hazel ikaw po un. i find ur blog nice din. there's no winner in the nuffnang thing yet. =)



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