Thursday, January 13, 2011


I love eating and that means evrything that there is from fine dining to resto to lutong bahay and street foods. In 2010, a lot of new food crazes has sprouted all across the metro and these are the things I loved.

1. Ice Scramble
- Gone are the days when scrambles can only be seen in front of the gates of public schools. Oh, I mis those days. Now, the scrambles are making their conquest of the malls. Of all stands, I personally love Ice Scramble (the one I frequent the most is the Harrison Plaza branch). Sweet, cold and brings back the memories.

2. Siomai House
- Siomai + Rice + Gulaman and you have a sumptuous mouth filler on hand. 4 pieces siomai costs only 25 PHP while the one with rice is at 35 PHP. For budget conscious people, here's a meal you can really put on top of your list. Tasty. I so love Siomai House. =)

3. Rice In A Box
- Now this is a biggie. For prices ranging 39-62 (depends on store location and all), one could have a rice meal already that will definitely satosfy one's hunger. And for the resaonable price, they are indeed tasty and quite a lot of servings. I like chicken and pork barbeque the most but all the others are equally tasty as well.

4. Jammin' Jamaica
- Jamaican patties are really delicious. Thanks to my bestfriend who actually introduced this to me only in 2010. Would you imagine that? And once I got to taste them, all the rest was history. I pretty much love Beefy Mushroom and Cheezy Beef. And their prizes are also reasonable ranging from 40 PHP up. And did I say they also have pizzas? Now, having a tasty meal like that while Bob Marley is playing on the background is something.

5. Dr. Kwek Kwek
- One of my favorite kwek-kwek/tokneneng stall is Dr. Kwek Kwek in Mall of Asia. Anytime there's a budget constraint and I need mouth fillers, I just order their 5 piece tokneneng budgetky priced at PHP 20 only. That is indeed cheap.

6. Twistix
- Potato with a twist. At first I was quite hesitant to try it but hey after one time, I just seemed to enjoy it. Nice tasty potato and there are a whole bunch of flavors as well. I indulge myself to the tasty flavors of BBQ and I love the combined sweetness and spice of it.

7. Waffle Time
- Already in the market for quite some time, I still love the waffles of waffle time. They continue to grow and even add new flavors ranging from sweet to candy like. Still one of the more successful franchises in the food kart arena.

- New York Fries Department may be in the higher part of your budgets as they don't come in cheap but they are simply delicious. Their combo meals wih pasta, burgers and fries are simply tempting. And I love all the dip choices to liven up the taste of their fries.

9. Mini-Stop
- Wel, aside from being 24/7 open, it has some of nice food bites available as well. I love kariman and their sundaes. What a treat.

10. 7/11
- Another 24/7 shop and a good one as well. I love their new rice meals and their pasta boxes. And who could forget their ever so nice Slurpee. Time for brain freeze.

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  1. I still love the kwek kwek and its one of my favorite street foods. I missed the food trip in Teresa!



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