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There were numerous hits in the foreign movies scene but there were also several misses and one that I really can't bear watching. Sorry to some but these are just my personal preferences and these are the 2010 films that I'd rather not watch again.

1. Jonah Hex
- Much like Jonah Jinx for me. Having a grotesque looking main character as a lead is not much appealing and then add the lack of substance of a plot and you have a nightmare. Even Megan Fox's appeal could not save this film from bombing. For that it gains my top prize as the number 1 miss in film for 2010.

2. The Last Exorcism
- My expectation at the start of this film is that this would be downright scary. I was wrong. Very wrong. This is a painstaking experience that bored me much more than it frightened me. There were so much dialogues, gaps and unnecessary stuff that kille this horror film. This should be buried down to the ashes.

3. Piranha 3D
- The old classic was a scary treat to audiences but this new one was just plain and simple disappointment. The 3D treatment did not help at all as it seemed crappy at most times. Truly not what I have expected. The film was too commercially publicized that maybe they forgot to put in a good story to back it up.

4. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
- I enjoyed the first film but this one seems forced. There were interesting moments in the film but overall it lacked the appeal that the first one provided. Plus, this is a seen this, been there film. Nothing new!

5. Splice
- Adrian Brody, what has happened to you? After winning the Oscars few years back, he has gone to mediocre roles from forgettable movies. And this is one of them. I did not even know if I was able to finish this film. Or maybe I just had it forgotten. Not good!

6. Furry Vengeance
- This film has a good humanitarian message in it but aside from that nothing else is worth the praise. The acting of Brendan Fraser was just not convincing and oftentimes a pain to watch. Just one of those films you can pass out.

7. Paranormal Activity 2
- Part 1 convinced me and had me scared. Part 2 just made me fell asleep. I did not feel any sort of hair raising moments to Paranormal Activity 2 maybe except when I felt I need to pee because of the coldness of the cinema (not much people watching). But at least I was able to survive this film without sleeping unlike "The Last Exorcism".

8. Sex and The City 2
- I loved Sex and The City in TV but this second film is something that can be passed. I think having one film based on this hit show is enough. The second film has not much substance. Saving grace would be the great scenes and visuals on its location.

9. Valentine's Day
- This film was promising from the get-go with a stellar cast that includes some of the best in the biz (Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper to name a few). Then there were the 2 Taylors who were still a flame during this film (Swift and Lautner). But maybe it was just too much of a cast that killed the story. For the sake of the stars, this is a movie to watch but for other else, nah!

10. The Last Airbender
- Forcing this film to be in 3D just sabotaged it. It could have been good enough without 3D treatment but the move just produced an oftentimes dark and muddy looking view of each shot. The story also seems to be much fast forwarded and avid Airbender fans would be disappointed.

Credits: Yahoo Movies

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