Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ben Sherwood has surely made a gem of a novel in this one. The book focuses on Charlie and his close ties with his brother Sam. It was not after an accident that everything changed. Sam died and that left Charlie alone. But not completely alone. With his younger brother's death, he has somehow carved a world of his own - away from all the rest. He somehow distanced himself to the rest of the world and finds himself still intercating with his dead brother - talking, listening and even playing catch.

The conflict arises when Charlie meets a girl, Tess with whom he has somehow developed feelings for. He was torn between a genuine love for a girl and his undying affection for his brother. It gets more intense as Tess set to sail one day and was reported missing.

Charlie St. Cloud is really a tearjerker of a story and will definitely pinch the most solid of hearts. It makes us realize that life is short and indeed needs to be cherished. We don't know when life is gonna take its final dance upon us and our loved ones. But aside from that, this book teaches us the value of letting go and setting free. Life is never a regular thing and death is but constant. Letting go of our departed family members does not mean we will forget them because for sure they will forever remain in our hearts.

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