Friday, September 24, 2010


Since his big splash in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there are no words but praise for Australian diver Matthew Mitcham. His feat was memorable as he prevented an all-Chinese sweep in the diving medals back then. Aside from that, he was the first Australian diver to win an Olympic Gold medal since Dick Eve in 1924. The last few stages of the games were nerve wracking as his first five dives were rather not outstanding and he entered his final dive at 2nd behind China's Zhou Luxin, 34 points adrift. But then the big drama happened as Zhou faltered and he grabbed four perfect 10s on his last dive ensuring him of the gold medal.

But the drama did not stop there. Then and there, he showed his affection to his beloved partner Lachlan Fletcher. And the rest was history. Aside from putting himself in the history books of Olympics and diving, he has etched his own mark in the pink community alongside famous gay athletes Greg Louganis (diving) and Rudy Galindo (skating).

Truly one of the braver souls who has completely embraced his sexuality and show the world that he is really good.

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