Monday, September 20, 2010


For most of the people specifically Singaporeans, DJ Big Kid is a household name already. He has spun his way to several gigs across Singapore and even visited several Asian destinations to share his music to the public. He has graced the dance floors of Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and even Manila. His star is continuously on the rise after his great 2009 stints in the US which is a big thing for DJs in the region. He is truly a gem and a master of his craft.

His parties were off the hook and really brough the house down. He burned the dance floors with his wicked remixes and play sets that was just simply infectious and a wonder to listen and groove at. I have seen him twice already (both in Singapore). I missed him when he went here in the Philippines. His masterful play of the songs and vibes energizes every party-goer there. I saw him at PLAY and recently at the F1 Pit Building last May.

I am a fan and I know most of us are hoping that he and his dad recovers soon. Before knowing the news about his dad, I already liked him as a DJ but now after the sacrifice he has done, I admire him as a person and have no words but utter respect. He is not just a craftsman or just a musician. One important thing is he is a good son and we your fans are really greatfl to have you as one of our music idols.

To DJ Big Kid, till you spin again. We will wait for that day and once again dance to your grooves.

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