Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's already September 23, 2010 and only one day is left before we get to witness who will be the Top Bachelor in Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelor's The Perfect Ladies' Night Out.

As we anticipate that event, let us focus on one of the contenders and a friend of mine - Kristoff Guela. What would make you vote for him? There are a hundred or maybe thousand reasons to think of but let's just mention some. He is dedicated to his work. Being a Story Editor/Script Continuity Supervisor is never a joke of a job. But he always flashes his smile even at work making him well loved by his peers. He's intelligent showing that his mind is in tune with his body.

He is utterly nice and has tons of friends and a loving family. He is not afraid to show people specially his friends that they are valuable and that he's there whenever you need them.

He loves what he does. He has a natural charisma on camera that you think that cameras just love him. An inborn model, truly. He is intense and puts the best in all the things he does. And did I mention he does a lot of things? He's a dragon boater and a good one at it. He knows how to act and definitely could carry himself in the dance floor. And for ladies out there, he's surely gonna sweep you off your feet as he swoons you with his beautiful voice.

What more can I say? He has it all. The face, the body, the brains, the talent, the attitude and the kindness. So for your votes not to go to waste, please vote for him in the 100 Bachelors event and make him your top bet. This is the last chance to vote online. Or better so, go and attend the event on the 24th and make sure to put only one name on the ticket/ballot - Kristoff Guela.

Good luck, Toff.

1. ONLINE - Register & vote for Kristoff Guela (page 6) at
2. BALLOT - Buy ticket. Voting at SMX on Sept 24: 1 ticket = 1 ballot = 10 points.

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  1. I am from Singapore and I voted for him. He among the 100 bachelors is the one that stood out. Face, body, talent...



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