Saturday, September 25, 2010


GSP - George St. Pierre.
Truly one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC. Current welterweight champ St. Pierre has graced Philippine shores and everyone was in total frenzy. Mall of Asia was again jampacked as GSP graced the land to the amazement of his fans. Doing some sparring sessions in front of the audiences, he squared with some of the MMA artists here in the Philippines. Big applause was even given when he called out a child to spar with him (lucky child).

MMA and UFC is continously growing in terms of popularity here in the Philippines and the recent visits of some of the hottest mixed martial arts stars in the world has further sparked local interest in the sport. St. Pierre is one of the pillars in MMA and it was a sure treat to his fans getting to see him up close.

St. Pierre's visit to Mall of Asia was in cooperation with SM, Balls and Colt 45. It was a short but still a jampacked and exceptional experience. To GSP, all the best

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