Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You might have a bit of idea now that I am definitely a KFC lover. I don't know but theire flavor really catches my taste buds and leaves me wanting for more. What I also like about KFC is how they try to introduce bold new products and also do reinventions of their existing menu.

And yes they are again on the center of the food buzz. With a genuinely funny TV ad that saw four gay guys watching Miss Universe 2010 while holding the Shakin' Shots, KFC has certainly found another winner. (Yes, they are the same people in the YouTube sensation) Their newest product is actually an innovation of their fun shots and hot shots brand but this time with fresh new flavors. And what's cute about it is that you are the ones who will add the flavors. Boasting of 3 new tastes about to make you ask for more, the Shakin' Shots flavors are Cheddar Cheese ,Grillin' Barbecue , Garlic Parmesan. I have tasted 2 except Cheddar Cheese and I would say they were good.

Aside from getting it ala carte, you can also have it as a combo - regular shakin shots, regular fixin and regular drink. You need to have a taste of this as surely you will like it. Let's go Shakin and say "We love Shakin' Shots".

Here's the fun video of the "Shakin' Shots" promotion.


YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhxFFjvj5Kk

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  1. Im excited to try those three mouth watering flavors! How much is the ala carte and the combo?



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