Friday, September 17, 2010


Never mind if the plot is predictable or the story is the ordinary story that you might be familiar of. You can forgive the average acting by the actors as well but what the h*ck? As the movie Step Up 3D is being marketed, it is targetted as a dance flick - a movie that will showcase great dance moves, routines, stunts and twists coupled by a great ensemble of music about to blow our minds. And for that alone, I did not just like Step Up 3D but I loved it.

Starring relative unknowns Rick Malambri (as Luke), Sharni Vinson as the sexy Natalie, Allyson Stoner as Camille and Adam Sevani as the freaking awesome Moose, the movie really delivered in its promise to be blown away by the dance. From start to finish it has given the audience a taste of several dance moves, genres and music. There's popping, locking, breaking, robotic moves and a bit of jazz and pop on the side as well. The dance showdowns from the park scene up to the preliminaries were mind blowing. Sevani's dance moves were exquisite and just flows by naturally. At first glance I would have not thought that he can dance that well.

Another showdown that marks on me is the battle with the Asians where they get to dance on a stage filled with water. That was difficult enough but to see some of them do the head turns on water was whoaah and off the hook. The final showdown was also ayt as the visuals were really catchy. The transitions of the colors on their costumes was a marvel to see.

And it would be a sin not to mention the very wonderful soundtrack to the film. Though the official soundtrack offers just less than 20 songs, the films boosts of over 40 songs you'll love. I was blown away by Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida and David Guetta and was totally surprised by the new sound of Jesse McCartney for the song "Up". The tango scene was mesmerizing and adding to its drama is Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows". Two other songs which were memorable were "This Girl" by Laza (sounds a bit like Akon and Iyaz) and the yet unreleased Who U Are by Jessie J. It truly gives me goosebumps hearing these tunes. I certainly hoped however that Trey Songz "Already Taken" was played but it was stil okay.

Step Up 3D is a wonder. It is one of the few movies which delivered what they promised. This flick wil certainly make you hit the dance floors and want for more. For me 4 out 5 popcorns.

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