Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The long wait is finally over. Glee has finally started its Season 2. And for regular Glee fans, there are a lot of things that were worthy to watch and of course the biggest of which is the debut of our very own pop superstar Charice. Glee promises that this is a season to watch for and that a lot of surprises are in store for all of us.

Charice stars as Sunshine Corazon who is portraying an exchange student from th Philippines. It is only episode 1 but it was already clear on the onset that the battle for the best singing chops is on. Man, Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele has her challenge. The pint-sized Charice has already wowed a lot of people from her appearences at Oprah and Ellen and even made David Foster a fan but this is a new chapter on her career.

For those who have already seen the pilot episode, I am sure you loved Charice and Lea Michele's take on "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Her audition for the Glee club was also a remarkable piece as she sang her hearts out to a wonderful rendition of "Listen". The first episode was just a proof that the pre-season buzz on Glee and Charice's inclusion in it is definitely not just a buzz. Prepare for more songs, drama and fun as we welcome back Glee.

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  1. super galing ni Charice dito. I'll watch every episode now ng Glee Season 2



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