Monday, September 13, 2010


by Bluecloud

It has been a long time since I last played Asher Book’s Try and when I played it last weekend tears just went pouring down and I could not stop playing it on. I never thought I’d feel so emotional yet again. Try is a story of hope and love. It is a narrative of how one person will persevere just to get close to the person he/she loves. It is a selfless proclamation of one’s never dying emotion towards someone really special.

Even as I try to convince myself that I am not looking for anyone special in my life, it seems as if I am really fooling myself. Yes, I have family, friends and best friend but though they give the love, respect and care, sometimes it’s not enough. That single piece that’s missing is the love from that special someone. It’s like I am in a puzzle and has one tile piece that I can’t find.

As the song says, one should not get tired of looking. Try and try and who knows, love may be around the corner. It might be a long wait but one thing’s for sure – God has someone prepared for you. You’ll never know when it will come. It just strikes us unexpected. Love is never a tiring experience. Try and love and soon enough the heart will be showered with all its glory.

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