Sunday, September 26, 2010


One night, I was about to go to bed but could barely get to sleep. My eyes won't shut and my mind just won't rest. It seems like the day does not want to end. It was a day full of thinking and a whole lot of thoughts have crowded my already full and tired mind.

And then I looked outside and peaked through the window pane. There I saw the heavens and it was all red. I was left staring at the redness of the heavens covered by the darkness and fullness of the clouds. As if it was about to rain and the heavens have been by my side in this very time of distraught and chaos.

There I was looking and constantly staring at blankness. If only I could change things, then I would. But I can't. I'm still here on earth battling on and hoping the heavens will soon make its beautiful sunrise greeting. I did not notice how long the stares were. All I knew was the next thing I know was it was already morning.

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