Saturday, September 11, 2010


It has been 9 years since the tragedy that saw the once mighty World Trade Centre crumble like Uno Stacko. As we remember the nightmare from that 2001 event, let's take a minute of solitude to continuously pray for the people who lost their lives and to keep the fire burning of one wonderful thing in the world - world peace.

I was only 17 years old back then and for me it was a horrific experience. All the video footage has been gloomy and shocking to the senses. You see the once big landmark fall into pieces. There was a huge smoke after the collision of the plane and the building. And after the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of the majestic World Trade Centre.

The event was one of the saddest instances in the history of mankind but somehow it has taken out the best within each people. It united a nation and the world was awakened and valued peace the more. It's almost a decade now and yet the stigma of the 9/11 incident remains. But the good thing is that people are slowly learning. Peace and love still reigns. The world will always remember the 9/11 but each person now has a stronger sense of country pride, peace, love and hope.

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