Monday, September 20, 2010

2013… 30…

2013… 30…
By Bluecloud

The past few years have been really challenges and have caught its toll on me. As of now, I try to regroup, I try to rebuild and start anew. It seems as if I am picking up pieces of a puzzle scattered all over or I am restacking the building blocks that once was there and has already collapsed.

It would difficult but I want to start my life anew. My target would be 2013 – 3 years from now. On the time in between that and now, I’ll try to regain everything I have lost. I would patch up all holes and try my best to seize each and every opportunity. I only need a chance to begin once more. By that year I am already 30 and 3 decades full of life may be enough to really get back on track.

The wrongs will be corrected. The dreams will again be foreseen. And the hope and faith will continuously grow to enable a rise of a better me.

So 2013, please hang tight while waiting for me. For once we meet, I would ensure things would be better.

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