Sunday, September 26, 2010


And what was he thinking? This is not the Lenny Kravitz that I used to know. Where is the hot, totally rocking and cool Lenny? I would say that when he resurfaced months back with a new hairstyle and a new album it was huge smiles for all of Kravitz fans all over the world.

But this fashion crime can not remain unnoticed. In this piece, he looks like a cross-dresser and someone caught between the lines of the old Kravitz, J. Lo and Lady Gaga all combined. Meaning this is total disaster. The 46-year-old Grammy award-winning rocker Lenny Kravitz was recently spotted in NYC in a an absurd ensemble and choices of clothes and accesories. Look at the cowl neck blouse, leather pants, and wedge-heeled boots which is more reminiscent of Lady Gaga. Add the mirrored aviators and his bag which is more lady like than fashionable.

Could someone give Lenny a fashion consultant?

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