Monday, October 18, 2010


Filipinos are really talented in all aspects and one field we are specially excelling is photography. And such great talent shoudl not be taken into waste without being noticed.

This is the case of one great photographer by the name of Paolo Zalameda. In this regard, I would like to personally ask for all of you to support a great talent like him as he tries to compete for the top prize in the "National Geographic Channel Asia's Great Migrations" contest.

His entry aptly titled "Hands of A Filipino Farmer" is one prime example of exemplary photography. The message was sent across. He captured this picture in the best form possible. Here is an excerpt of how he describes this shot as posted in the National Geo official Facebook Page.

"I took this photo when I went to one of the rice fields in Bataan, Philippines for a fun shoot with friends. While friends are busy taking photos of themselves, I noticed a tired farmer sitting a few meters away from me with a rope on his hands. He just finished removing unwanted grasses from part of the 1 hectare field and has just finished moving the cows to feed them. Ironically, he harvests high grade rice, feeds healthy cows yet his family remains poor and hungry because he plows not his own land , feeds cows that are not his. While taking his photo, I was talking to him. I figured out he is a no-read, no-write farmer who struggles to have his eldest, out of 2 sons, finish schooling hoping he finishes at least high school to help his brother study. His being a farmer is not what he wants for his kids..."

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Photo Credits: Paolo Zalameda

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