Sunday, October 3, 2010


Another year added to a life full of everything.
October 3 has been a very special day for me as it is the day of my birthday! Yeah, I am still awake and awaiting for the clock to tick at exactly 12.

The past 26 years was just amazing even though the last 2 years have been somewhat rocky and even times very difficult. Despite that I still found the very beauty and the sheer importance of things. I might have lost some but for sure I still gained a lot and still some of the things remained and even became stronger.

Today marks the start of another year for me. A fresh chapter that is up for the taking. I am gonna celebrate my 27th year with a smile in my face. And I might say, a new hair-do as well. I had my hair braids. =)

So everyone, join me in celebrating this very special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

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