Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The human spirit was again tested and yet has been proven to withstand any obstacle.

69 days after their disastrous trapping in one of the mines of Chile, miners are now one by one being rescued and extracted from the mine that collapsed. Truly amazing! It makes me wonder once more on the real power of mankind. These guys have shown great strength and will to survive. They have been pure examples of hope. For others, being down there for that long might be the end already but these miners have their hopes high and their beliefs that they will be rescued. As of writing, 4 miners out of the 33 has been successfully rescued already.

The scenes on TV are emotional and heartwarming. It uplifts spirits and it actually brought me to tears. Struggles are but part of men's life and that there are times like this when everything seem to have crashed but one should not lose hope. There is still light at the end of the tunnel though sometimes you don't know how far the end of tunnel may be. These Chilean miners are great examples of men's strength. May all of those trapped in there be rescued already for their lives to return to normal.

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