Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have been planning to make a post on this one for a while but just couldn't find the right words.  Comedy Bar is just one show that is irresistible. Just when you have all your week working and stressed, your Saturday nights will be able to take off all of those and put a smile - no, not just a smile but a laugh to your face.

Truly one treat that is worth indulging every so often. I even watch youtube uploads frome previous episodes and still find it amazingly funny. The cast is wonderful from the ever so funny Eugene Domingo and the versatile comedian Allan K even up to Brapanese Fabio Ide. Taking into account on how an actual comedy bar works, this TV version surely has all the right elements on it. One other thing that makes it watchable are the calibre and comic timing of its guest stand-ups moreso Ate Gay. I simply love Ate Gay that here is one snippet of their August 21 episode where all I could do is laugh.

Truly a remarkable show. I won't get tired laughing if it is Comedy Bar.


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