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Halloween is just around the corner and again your TV screens and the movie houses will again be flooded by horror, suspense and other gory flicks to watch. In celebration to Halloween, I would like to share the Top 10 movies which scared the shit out of me. The list is actually 11 as I have a tie in the number 10 spot. These are the flicks which made me scream and even close my eyes in fear.

1. Exorcist (1973)
- The original exorcist remains the best as it gives you the most scare of them all. Actually the word is not really scary but creepy. The images of Linda Blair is really disturbing and would definitely remian in your brains even after the film. The setting and the music sets the tone as well. Director William Friedkin surely made a classic in this one. Even up to this day, Exorcist remains to scare everyone.

2. Ringu (The Ring) (1998)
- The US version scared me but not to the extent of the original Japanese movie. When I first watched it I was scared of turning on the TV during nights. Who knows? Sadako might just sneak from within the TV screen. Sadako became a cult favorite and even become a constant costume choice for Halloween. Simply put, The Ring could raise your body hairs and make you scream.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
- Freddy Kruger is just the man. His appearance alone makes you want to scream. And the idea of the film scares you even more. What if Freedy attacks you when you sleep. For those who have watched this film, a lot have trouble sleeping afterwards. Plus there something about his claws that is really creepy. One of the notorious bad-asses of horro movies has been born.

4. 28 Days Later (2002)
- Gory does not usually equate to scary as it is oftentimes just yucky. But 28 Days Later has it all. Gore and fear combined in this modern day scarefest. What would you do if you have been trapped in a place with zombies (mutated humans) who are just there to haunt and kill you. Director Danny Boyle has made one heck of a film. Run or be dead!

5. Saw (2004)
- Horror films wich turn out to be draws in the box-office tend to be just okay but not Saw. Its success is also obvious as it has spawned several sequels to date. But the original is still the best for me. Just the idea of being killed while conscious is really frightening. The scenes sometimes makes you tweak and actually makes one think they are the ones in the scene. The famous of them all - "The Venus Fly Trap" death. Just scary!

6. Halloween (1978)
- Mike Myers (not the spy who shagged) but the main evil in the Halloween series. It is for sure one of the few films that did elicit huge screams from before making its lead actress Jemia Lee Curtis as the "Scream Queen" of her era. What makes Halloween scary is the injection of a lot of surprise scenes wherein you are caught surprised by the sudden appearance of Mike Myers in unexpected timings.

7. Silence of The Lambs (1991)
- Hannibal Lecter is creepy. Being breathed to life by veteran actor Anthony Hopkins, this surely is something that should not be left out of the list. Even Academy voters have noticed the value of this film as they rewarded it with nods and wins. What is so scary about this one? Anthony Hopkins just staring at you is!

8. Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
- The characters in this film are just freaky. Visually stimulating as it is, the vividness of each scene is captured to the fullest making each scene as horrific as possible. Guillermo Del Toro makes a stunning representation of a world that for sure I would not like to dive into.Sometimes make believe worlds are just not what you want and expect them to be.

9. The Omen (1976)
- An innocent looking boy as the Anti-Christ. That alone is scary. Your fright levels will definitely increase as each scene is unveiled finally exposing the dark side of the good looking boy who turns out to be evil incarnate. Now, parents took a lot at their children. They may seem cute and charming but evil might be lurking inside.

10. Child's Play (1988) TIE
- A doll who can kill! Another one of those horror films which stays on the main line that one should not be fooled by physical looks only. The once cute doll has became a regular horror visitor in the big screen. What you thought caould not hurt you might be the ones who could deal the most amount of damage. Thus, Chucky became a cult hit.

10. Scream (1996) TIE
- Wes Craven has found a jackpot in this one. Scaring teens out of their seats, Scream also had a scary effect on me. Not as extremely frightening as the others in the list, Scream still delivers as it has made me scream and shout at some scenes much to my surprise. And Scream would be back for a 4th movie in 2011.

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