Saturday, October 9, 2010


Youtube has always been a media for songs, music videos and random snippets of anything under the sun. Most of the time, it is a channel for which people can freely express themselves. Usually we see videos for pure fun and enjoyment.

It was October 2 when this video became a constant subject of sharing in Facebook and as the usual person who looks on almost all videos in the news feed, I watched this and I laughed really hard. =) These guys were all out in their dancing (oftentimes looking ridiculous) to the tune of Wonder Girls' "Nobody". I might say they have the moves but I guess what made it funny and appealing at the same tims is the fact that these guys do have looks. They can pass for models or possibly budding showbiz celebs. I don't know any of them but while we wait if they will enter into the foray of showbiz, let's just have fun watching them.

The guys enjoyed what they did. Perhaps showing you don't need to be dressed just to sing and dance in youtube. LOL =)


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