Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One of the more controversial underwear campaigns of the year is from fresh brand Piss & Vinegar. The underwear line which was created by Jsaon Sutherland surely brought a lot of talks with his campaign for this line. Piss & Vinegar is a British slang for living young at heart.

In its latest campaign, the brand takes on a religious take with its "I LOVE" series. It focuses on two religious themes - "I Love Jesus and Buddha". While many would argue on the use of the religious theme on such a product such as underwear, Piss & Vinegar presents it in a way that questions people specifically men.

The brand's design is targetted towards the guy in his boldest sense who appreciates life in its fullness. It for those guys who can brave past through life's challenges. It piques interests and asks men the question "You think you have enough?" The question does not only focus on one's ability to fill his briefs but also referring to a guys intellect, fortitude and beliefs.

Truly a nice line of underwear for men.
Locally, in the Philippines you may grab their latest designs at Sherman Boutique in Makati Avenue.

Picture Credits: Piss & Vinegar Facebook page

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