Sunday, October 24, 2010


While the official representative of the Philippines to the the Manhunt International tilt that will be held in Taiwan on November 14, 2010 has not yet been chosen, several countries have already fielded in their entries to the said pageant. With roughly around 10 more countries to ve awaited of their official entries, here are the contestants that are making buzz this early. I rank my Top 10 guys who could do well in the pageant.

1. Obert Sharon Christian (Indonesia)

2. Peter Menky (Slovak Republic) 

3. Voljen Gubeljic (Bosnia)

4. Dax Gramuglia (Canada)
5. Bogdan Brasoveanu (Gibraltar)

6. Marlon De Gregori (Brazil)

7. Milovan Durovic (Serbia)
8. Wang Zichao (China)

9. Henry Bolivar (Venezuela)

10. Stephen Musca (Australia)

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