Tuesday, October 26, 2010


by Drama Princess

i’ve always been a romantic…

in dealing with a psychiatric patient, it’s a no-no to ask ‘WHY?’ so i applied the same principles to X’s and leave as fast as i could out of the same ground. holding on is the least correct thing to do when one said goodbye to you. so now, you wonder "why are u still there? ", forgetting about the first idea i just raised. You decided u did something wrong when u asked me why but u still wonder and u try harder to suck the sense u hope was left. but even sensibility is in scarce. we both ran out of words. and u try to start a small talk. i wasn’t the easiest person to deal with minus the broken heart, and i’m sorry u had to deal with me.

3 years ago, u know a love song would will always be followed by a sigh, a story of longing and countless tales of sweet moments radomnly picked from love stories, other love songs and hopeless daydreams. but gone was the heartbroken girl, torn and tattered by some not even deserving stupid jerk. sensibility, once more was abundant but asking why is still, quite not right. u wondered where i kept the scar of the wound we tried to stop bleeding.

yes, i’m changed. but quite not healed, for somewhere hidden behind my smiles is a wound still throbbing and in rare occassions, bleeding. i am still the same person. i am still the same girl. i only got used with pain, that it cannot shake me or break me anymore. i know, it worries u that my cynicism will make me bitter. i daresay not at all. because, i know somewhere out there is someone right for me. u see i never really lost hope. i’m just on the look out for someone real and right for me.

stop aching for me. will u? because i never lied when i said "i’ve always been a romantic…  it’s just that i never really had so much cause before to believe in to."

* Drama Princess is my high school classmate Love Hernandez. One of the more exquisite minds in terms of writing, this is one of her works.

For more of her posts: drama-princess.blog.friendster.com

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