Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the countries I have visited for many times already is Singapore. A relatively small country in compared to the other Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, it boasts of a lot of things to enjoy, explore and simply marvel on.

I like Singapore because of its cleanliness and the presence of the green scenery even in the city proper. This is one good combination since I love urban living so much and having the sense of nature induced into the urban living is a really wonderful thing. While most of the global community specifically Filipinos are noticing Singapore just now due to the opening of the Universal Studios, I have been a fan of this country for a long time already.
Here are the Top 10 things (places/activities) I have enjoyed in my visits to Singapore and I bet you would not want to miss these when you go there.

1. Universal Studios Singapore
- All I could say is this is really one wonderful experience. You could feel the fun and enjoyment even from the entrance itself. You should not miss a photo chance with the "Universal" globe in the entrance. And once you're in the theme park, you will just say "Wow"! Get your feel of the wonderful rides (I will do s separate feature on this). One ride I specifically enjoyed was the "Revenge of The Mummy", a dark rollercoaster ride set in the dark confines of their Ancient Egypt area. Aside from that, indulge with a lot of shopping for USS items like tshirts, keychains, magnets, mugs and a whole lot more. And who would not miss out on the colorful characters in the theme park. I had pictures with a whole bunch of them.

2. Sentosa Island
- Excluding Universal Studios, Sentosa Island is still one of the more fun areas in Singapore. In here, you get to experience beach within the city. Also, I enjoyed the luge ride which was so fun now that it has 2 trackes already. The skyride was also nice as you get to see the full view of the island. And one would enjoy the Sentosa trains as well as it will get you back and forth of the island. More stuff are in there like the Tiger Sky Tower, Mega Zip Adventure Park and the very huge Merlion statue towering over the entire island.

3. Merlion/Esplanade
- The proof that you have been in Singapore is and will always be the merlion. Half-lion and half-merman, this statue that is situated in the heart of Singapore has been a long time symbol of the country. And while you're in the vicinity, don't fail to take pics of the picturesque Esplanade, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands which are all within shooting distance.

4. Marina Bay Sands
- Singapore's newest attraction and one heck of a structure it is. Designed like a boat on top of three towers of buildings, Marina Bay Sands is house to several hotels and a bunch of shopping establishments like Vertu, Bvlgari, Fendi and YSL to name a few. A wonderful structure indeed and one that is worth the drop.

5. Singapore Zoo/Night Safari
- Kids and even adults will enjoy a date with nature in Singapore as well. Singapore Zoo boasts of a number of animals from which you would see and a different feel is injected by the Night Safari. If you want animals in the city, then don't forget to visit these.

6. Shopping
- Outside of Hongkong, one wonderful location to shop is Singapore. If you are into branded stuffs fo sure you'll have a mouth watering time in the locale. Wonderful shopping center to visit include Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City, ION Orchard, Takashimaya, Marina Square, Tangs and Paragon to name a few. From clothes, shoes, apparel, accessories and gadgets. You name it they have it.

7. Clarke Quay
- Your night is not complete without a doze of music and booze. And one place to go is Clarke Quay area. A lot of bars, cafes and discos are abound and you will surely have a good night to cap your day. Some days also have shows by the river like magic spectacles and fireworks display. Aside from it, within the area is the exhilirating Reverse Bungy which I tried but I think won't try again. That was nerve wracking.

8. Singapore Flyer
- A bit expensive by Filipino standards but I still think the flyer is such a wonderful experience. The towering ferris wheel as most people would relate, the experience in it is such a nice one. Luxurious dining and drinking is also there. For those who have money to spare try this one and see the city to the fullest. Recommended to try on evenings.

9. Changi International Airport
- When I first landed in Singapore in 2007 I was put in awe with its airport. I told myself that even If I don't get out and just stary at the airport I won't be bored. Boasting of 3 big terminals and a budget terminal, each area is packed with a lot of stuff to do. Shop till you drop with the endless selection of items. Dine and binge with several food choices. Once tired, try to relax and go to their sports zone or the TV zone. If you are the tekkie type, play on with Playstation or Xbox in their game area or simply connect to the internet with their numerous computers everywhere.

10. Chinatown
- For budget shopping one must go here. Pasalubongs can be easily bought here at the mimimal prices from keychains, shirts, bells, magnets or ornaments. Also, a must try in here are their choices of street food, particularly noodles everywhere. In here you can have your noodles, stir-fried, crispy or down right saucy.

I will never tire visiting Singapore as it has brought in me a whole lot of wonderful and fun memories.

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