Sunday, October 17, 2010


Again, I am here to ask for your help in voting one of my friend, Marvin as he vies for the top spot in the Teen Ambassadors of the Earth 2010 search.

Marvin Valdez is a student in Jose Rizal University (JRU). A fun guy and a nice friend, he certainly know how to smile and put a smile to other people. He has done some modeling for print ads most recently at Fashionismo 2010. But while most of you know that the camera loves him and he loves modeling and all, few only knows that he is one heck of an artist as well. He draws really good. His anime collection is really nice and you would just say wow. (see below sample) These and many more are good enough reasons for you to vote for him.

He is currently 5th as of this writing and would really need your votes to oush him atop. So for Marvin's friends and those who simply want Marvin to win, vote vote vote!

To vote for Marvin, please visit and register at the following website:

PHOTO CREDITS: Marvin's Facebook

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