Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The division between church and state has always been a big debate in the Philippines. Moreso if it comes to the issue of Family Planning. Philippines, being a predominantly Catholic country is oftentimes divided with the issue about Reproductive Health (RH). The government has always adhered to the Family Planning method may it be through normal means or through artificial ways. This, the church has always been against at.

More and more people have expressed their feelings about the issue but none of the scale of what Carlos Celdran has done. Dressed as the national here, Jose Rizal, he interrupted an interfaith prayer at the Manila Cathedral last September 30, 2010. He even had a sign with "Damaso" written on it. The move sure did a lot of buzz as he was taken by the Manila police and the church group even filed a case against him in violation of Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code.

His intentions were clear at the onset but I think his way of expressing them is a bit inappropriate. But with that he has caused more debate on the issue and that he showed all of us that it is a matter of concern. It's something that is of national concern. It will a continuous argument as to which is better. But I think one thing's clear - the line between the church and the state is ever so dwindling down. I guess the church should stick to their tasks and let the government do what they think is good.

My argument is you can choose not to follow the artificial means of family planning and say have 5 or more children. But with the way life has been in the Philippines, would that that really be practical. I pretty much think the government has a clear stand that people have their choice on which method to use but we can never take for granted that using artificial means could really help. It has a way of eliminating unwanted pregnancies and possibilities of abortion. \

My question is which is better? Don't use any of these methods and have many children which can't be given with the proper care and living? Or use artificial means and have only few children from which a good life can be given? I'd rather choose the last one.

Photo Credits: Carlos Celdran Facebook Page

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