Monday, October 25, 2010


Today, October 25, 2010, Filipinos once more exercise one of the rights they have - voting.

As today marks the Barangay and SK elections, please be reminded to choose the right people. The barangay is the smallest yet the most vital part of the community. People who you will put in the position will represent your small community to the rest of the metro.

But as we try to exercise our rights to vote, do we still see the value of the Barangay elections? Are elected officials doing anything after the polls? For some reasons people are somehow mixed on voting today. Some of which just see this day as an extra vacation and a time to rest. There might be no big things happening in your barangays but it is still a good choice to cast your votes. For the right choices of people could mean a good representation of the people in your baranagay. All big things start from the smallest stuff.

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