Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have watched Petrang Kabayo a week ago and I still could not get over it. Why? It was downright funny and I almost fell of my seat from laughing. So what particularly did hit in Petrang Kabayo?

Let's start with the lead actor Vice Ganda. His comic timing was superb and as usual the punchlines were just superb. His facial expressions usually speaks for himself and that is a very tough act. Only few people can be funny by just batting an eyelash. He is in his element so as like when he is judging in Showtime. I am sure Roderick Paulate who previously brought this role to life is happy that Vice was the one to reprise the role.

But aside from Vice, the support cast was wonderfully great as well. Luis Manzano's over the top cry scenes was okay and elicited laughs from me as well. One thing to note is he is not afraid to look ugly in screen just to make people laugh. Makisig Morales was a young Petra was also off the hook. Playing gay, playing hurt and playing bitchlike was just an effortless task for this young actor. Good job. Joy Viado, Candy Pangilinan, Deejay Durano, Eagle Riggs and Gloria Romero all made sterling performances worthy of praises. And as usual Eugene Domingo was hilarious. It's nice to note some cameos as well from Anne Curtis, John Lapuz and Jason of PBB. But another cast to make me roll over laughing was the young girl who played Petra's sister who is portrayed by budding young actress Abby Bautista. At a very young age, she held her own and did grabbed a lot of laughs from me. I could not forget her lines "Sa Kasamaang Palad" and "Maganda Naman". Truly hilarious.

But aside from the wonderful cast, I think what hit me the most is that this is not just a comedy film. It has a story and whole set of morals to teach. Wonderfully crafted by veteran director Wenn Deramas, it touches the inner depths of ones heart with its story. It is universal and it shows us that carrying grudges in our lives won't do any good.

Overall, Petrang Kabayo was just a marvel to watch. 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

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