Saturday, October 23, 2010


Intellectually stimulating. That is one thing I liked so much with "The Social Network". David Fincher has definitely made a stunning movie in this one. Based on the fictional novel "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich, I enjoyed every bit of it even as if I know there were a lot of tweaks from the actual happenings on Mark Zuckerberg's life. I was actually eager to see it ever since I saw its trailer and it did not dissapoint.

Each scene was just perfect and witty. The words uttered by every character in the story sure made sense. For something that has a lot of factual premises, it did not bore me by a bit. Every Facebook fanatic should definitely make this a must-watch. Technically it is also a big success as it has just the right pace, just the right timing and just the right music. But aside from the witty dialogues and the endless blabbers and word wars of each character what I liked the most are the actors in it.
The character portrayals were exquisite. Jesse Eisenberg as the fast-talking Mark Zuckerberg was really made to fit his character. Andrew Garfield who you will see soon as the new Spiderman was impressive as well in his portrayal of the oftentimes jealous Eduardo Saverin, Mark's bestfriend. Breakthrough performance goes to Justin Timberlake who plays Napster co-founder Sean Parks who was convincing in his every scene.

I love Facebook before I watched this film but after it I have a greater appreciation of it. Such an ingenious creation from a young mind. 4.5 popcorns.

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  1. Awesome Film..There is no word for this film..recommend to every. Must watch this film. It is worth to spend money on it.



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